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Cite It!

The Cite It! tool is a bookmarklet that can be added to your browser bookmark bar so that you can add resources to your lists. 

Cite It! streamlines the process of adding web pages and streaming videos (i.e. YouTube videos) to a list and pre-filling some of the citation fields for you.


Select your initials in the top, right corner of the Leganto platform.

  • Select Leganto Cite It!
  • Click the Cite It! icon.
    • Drag and drop the icon on your Bookmarks toolbar.


Add material to the list using Cite It!

  • Open the webpage you wish to add to the reading list.
  • Make sure you are logged into Leganto.
  • Select Cite It!
  • Leganto will generate a new record in a popup window and will generally auto-populate the title and URL of the page

  • Edit the record. (optional)
    • Add notes
    • Put in a due date
    • Add other details as required i.e. author, publication date, etc.
    • Use the Type drop-down scope to select the resource types (generally Website or Video). 
  • Select the reading list/section or add to your Collection

  • Click Add & Close
  • The item will be added to your chosen list

Note: if you find the Cite It! tool isn't working, try deleting it from the bookmark bar and adding it again.