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E-Resources-Course Reserve


Leganto Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leganto?  

  • Leganto is a module within Brightspace that allows instructors to compile collections and lists of materials for their courses 
  • Leganto allows students to see when readings are due and instructors to see which students have interacted with the materials.  


What are the advantages of E-Reserves?  

  • 24-hour access to course material from any device
  • Any changes made to the list are viewable immediately 

 What types of materials can I add to the Reading List?  

  • Materials can include books, articles, videos, and other media, and can be resources from the library, other onlineresources, or materials of the instructor's creation 

Will E-Reserves replace physical Course Reserves?  

  • Yes, in time we will phase out print course material. 
  • For now, if interested in placing physical material in the library, complete a Course Reserves request formfor each course and bring the form and the item to the front desk of the library.  


What are Course Reserves?  

  • Course Reserves serve to subsidize student access to course materials. Course Reserves are items placed on reserve by an instructor for an upcoming course. Instructors request that any required reading materials be placed on reserve 


Who can edit the Course Reading List?  

  • Instructors, course designers, and teaching assistants should all have privileges 
  • The library staff can also help if you have questions or need help  


Can I add my recorded lectures to my Readings and Resources list?  

  • You sure can 

I have two subjects where most of the readings are the same, how can I create lists for these subjects efficiently?  

  • The best way to approach this situation would be to:  
    • create one list with the common readings   
    • next, duplicate the list and associate one copy with each subject   
    • edit each list individually with the readings that differ.  
  • Remember once the list is duplicated,changes made to one list will not be replicated in the other 

What is My Collection?  

  • Saving items toMy Collectionin Leganto can be helpful if you are collecting readings for a subject but have not yet created theReadings and Resourceslist 
  • Use the citation ellipses (...) menu to add a citation in a list to My Collection. Pinning items to your Favorites when searching in Primo Search will also add items toMy Collectionin Leganto 
  • Use Cite It! to save websites or external resources toMy Collection. To add an item to a list fromMy Collection, select Add Citation (+), choose the My Collection tab, and drag the item to your list.  

What browsers are recommended?  

  • Leganto works best with Chrome or Firefox.   
  • For Safari browsers  
    • Instructors will need to click “Open as External Resource” on the content page of BrightSpace in the Leganto module  


Can I create and edit a Reading and Resourcelist on a mobile device?  

  • Yes. You can create and edit a list on a mobile device,   
  • The drag/drop function to re-order sections or citations will not work 
  • Students can access readings from smartphones and tablets.  


Can I link to an eBook chapter?  

  • We recommend that you add the eBook title to the list and then in the full record, add a public note with chapter information, to tell students what to read.  


What should I do if a resource in my list is broken? 

  • Resources from Primo Search or the Library databases, select the title of the item in your list to open the full record. UsetheReport broken link to the libraryoption to notify the library of link issues. The library will investigate the error and replace the link for you.  
  • Websites or web documents. Search online for a new URL to the resource. Edit the item in your list and replace the URL in theSourcefield with the new URL you have found.  

Who should I notify with questions and/or concerns?  

  • For Questions about Leganto and course reserve please contact the library via phone at 219-989-2224 (Hammond) 219-785-5248 (Westville) or by email at  
  • For Questions about Brightspace please contact our Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) by phone at 219-989-2888 or by email at