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Course Reserves with Leganto


What is Leganto

Leganto – E-Reserve for courses in Brightspace is designed to help instructors incorporate library materials in their Brightspace courses.  Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include books and articles owned by the library, videos, web resources, and more. Library staff can provide resources more efficiently and scale up to support more courses. Students can access all course materials in one place and from any device


  • Instructors search the library catalog and link directly to resources; no need to deal with off-campus access or link maintenance
  • Instructors can add non-library material from other internet resources (PDFs, videos, newspaper articles)
  • Course materials can be saved and reused in other courses or future semesters
  • Course materials lists are added to Brightspace so that students have easy access
  • Embedded analytics can provide data on students' use of the materials

Traditions vs E-resources with Leganto


  • Traditional Reserves

    • Physical items from the library or Instructor's personal collection

    • Housed in the library with a limited loan policy

    • Accessible during Library hours.

  • E-Reserves

    • Digital items found in or outside of the library collection

    • Everything is housed online

    • Accessible 24/7