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Course Reserves with Leganto


Adding the Leganto Module to your course

Step 1

Log Into Brightspace

Step 2

Choose your course

Step 3

Click on "Content"

Step 4

Add Module by typing in Leganto in the "add a Module box" and hitting enter/return on your keyboard

Step 5

Click on  "Existing Activities" and choose "External Learning Tools"

Step 6

Scroll down and click on "PNW Leganto"

You will now see PNW Leganto on your page


Step 7

Make your list visible to your student on any platform, the instructor just needs to click the down arrow next to the Leganto link in their course and choose “Edit Properties in Place”

Step 8

 Click on the box next to “Open as an External Resource.” This will have the Leganto open into a new window


Step 9

Click on the PNW Leganto link you just added

Step 10

Create a new list by clicking on "Create It"


Step 11

Click on add new list


Step 12

Add the title of the course and click the blank template



To add material to your list please see the next tab of this guide titles "add reading/citation"