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Nursing: Joanna Briggs Institute: JBI Publication Types

Information on accessing and searching the Joanna Briggs Institute Database.

Systematic Reviews & Protocols

Systematic Reviews are an analysis of all of the available literature (evidence) and involves developing a question, establishing inclusion criteria, developing a strategy to comprehensively search for the evidence, appraising the quality of each paper, extracting the findings of included papers, and synthesizing the findings.

Systematic Review Protocols are not completed systematic reviews, but rather document the plan for conducting a systematic review on the question stated in the protocol.

To limit your search to Systematic Reviews, one may select this option under the Publication Types menu in the database.

 systematic review publication type

Evidence Summaries

Evidence summaries are short abstracts that summarize existing international evidence on common health care interventions and activities, based on searches of the literature and selected evidence-based health care databases.

To limit a search to Evidence Summaries, select this option from the publication type menu:

evidence summaries menu option

Evidence Based Recommended Practices

Recommended Practices are publications describing interventions or procedures that recommend certain practices on selected clinical topics based on the best available evidence.  Each practice consists of an equipment list, a recommended practice, occupational health and safety provisions, and an adjoining evidence summary where evidence is available.

To search for recommended practices, select the option on the publication type menu.

recommended practice menu option

Consumer Information Sheets

Consumer Information Sheets are standardized summaries on interventions and activities targeted at consumers of health care (patients, relatives, caregivers) based on the best available international evidence.

To limit a search to Consumer Information Sheets, one can select that option from the publication type menu:

Consumer information sheets menu option

Best Practice Information Sheets

Best Practice Information Sheets are short summaries based on the results and recommendations of systematic reviews.

While new and updated Best Practice Information Sheets are being added to the JBI database on an ongoing basis, you will not find one for every topic under the sun. It may be helpful to use broad search terms to find a related Best Practice Info Sheet.

To limit your search to this publication type, select Best Practice Information Sheets from the menu options:


best practice information sheet menu option

Technical Reports

Technical Reports describe and document all aspects of the development of Best Practice Information Sheets.

To limit a search to Technical Reports, select this option from the publication type menu:

technical reports search option