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Fake News and Information Literacy

This LibGuide will give you valuable insight in telling fact from fiction online, plus a chance to exercise your newfound skills.

Lost News and Media

How to Find Lost News

  • Internet Archive: Wayback Machine is a nonprofit digital library that archives web pages. To use its Wayback Machine, enter the URL of the site you are looking for. It will search for that address and display the page, if it is available.

  • End of Term Web Archive This site first harvested Federal Government web pages in 2008 at the end of the Bush administration and continues to ensure government information is accessible to the public.

  • Data Refuge archives federal data and supports climate and environmental research and advocacy.

How to Preserve Digital Information

  • Internet Archive: Wayback Machine You can add to the Internet Archive by copying and pasting the URL of the web page you would like to save.

  • Developed by the Harvard Law School Library, archives web pages and makes them easily retrievable.

Examples of Lost News