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Women's History Month

Celebrating the achievements and lives of women, as well as supporting materials written by women authors.

Women's History Month


In 1978, Sonoma, California's schools held the very first 'Women's History Week' in order to celebrate the achievements, cultures, and histories of women. The beginning of March was selected in order to align with International Women's Day, which is celebrated worldwide on March 8th. President Jimmy Carter "issued the first Presidential Proclamation" in recognition of 'Women's History Week'' in 1980, and the next year Congress followed suit. Six years later, 'Women's History Week' became what it is known as today: Women's History Month.  

For more information about Women's History Month please visit: History Channel's Women's History Month 2024

Helpful Librarians

For additional help on finding historical or literature references, please reach out to Reference Librarian Joseph Coates.

If there's a book that would be beneficial to add to the library's collection, please reach out to Reference Librarian Sammy Chapman.