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Library Services (Student View)

What is Leganto

Reserves are course materials that University Instructors make available for their students to use. Leganto is our new course e-reserve service that makes it easy to create, access, and manage course resource lists.  Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists of all material types, and library staff can provide resources efficiently.

Students and faculty have access to course materials 24/7 through Brightspace.

Logging in and finding course

  • Go to Brightspace 
  • Choose Northwest campus
  • Log in using your boiler key
  • Choose your course




  • Click on the Leganto Link

Reading List

The reading list your instructor made for the course will open

  • You will see a list of materials added for the course
    • books
    • article
    • videos
    • links
  • There is also a link on the sidebar titled "Collection"
    • this is for your personal collection of materials you are using for research for this course


  • You can click on the links provided to get 
    • articles provided
    • watch videos that were added
    • other information needed. 


Marking items as done

When finished with reading or assignment you can mark it as done

  • Click the checkmark next to the title
  • Click on the Ellipsis (3 dots)
    • Click "mark" as done