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COM 103: Freshman Seminar In Communication - Hammond Campus

Library introduction for Communication Freshman

Document Types

  Scholarly   Popular Trade
Intended Audience Scholars in an academic or professional field General public Practitioners and professionals in a specific industry
Authority/Authorship Scholars in an academic or professional field journalists Staff writers, industry specialists

Original research (such as scientific experiments, surveys and research studies)

Critical analysis of topics relative to the profession

Charts, diagrams, and/or tables showing data or experiment results are often included

Popular culture
General news
News, trends, techniques, product reviews, statistical data
Level of Language Everyday" vocabulary/terms Specialized vocabulary Specialized vocabulary
References or Bibliography of Sources A list of references or sources is provided at the end of each article Very rare Sometimes 
Review Policy Peer Reviewed by experts in the field  Editorial staff Editorial staff
Advertisements Rarely  Always  Always