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Library Instruction

What is Leganto

Reserves are course materials that University Instructors make available for their students to use. Leganto is our new course e-reserve service that makes it easy to create, access, and manage course resource lists.  Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists of all material types, and library staff can provide resources efficiently.

Students and faculty have access to course materials 24/7 through Brightspace.

Benefits of Leganto

  • Accessible 24/7 from any location
  • Instructors manage their course and reading list
    • Control what is on the list and when items are added
  • Instructors can set availability dates for items within the list
    • Lists can be further broken down into modules
  • Instructors can access data analytics
    • Track student usage


Demonstration Video

Traditional reserve vs E-reserves

  • Traditional Reserves
    • Physical Items from library collection or Instructor’s personal items
    • Housed in the library with limited loan policy
    • Accessible during Library hours
  • E-Reserves
    • Digital items found in or outside of the library collection
    • Everything is housed online
    • Accessible 24/7

Instructor Information

How do I place material on Reserve?

  • Create lists of relevant, up-to-date materials gathered from a range of sources including the Library collection, eBooks, scholarly articles, videos, newspaper articles, websites, etc. utilizing Leganto to add to their courses in Brightspace

What may be placed on Reserve?

  • E-books
  • Articles available online or uploaded
  • Old exams, lecture notes, study guides
  • Videos and other media

What may not be placed on Reserve?

  • Multiple scanned copies (Copyright Law)

How long does material remain on Reserve?

  • Reading list can stay in Brightspace until removed by Instructor
  • Instructors can also set it to have certain material viewable for a limited amount of time

Why use Leganto?

  • 24-hour access to course material
  • Easily manage and update course resources based on your course needs
  • Look at statistical usage of materials by students
  • Set your list to be viewed by your students only, or any student

Student Information

Reserve Locations

Available digitally via Brightspace.

Who can access a Reserve?

  • Purdue University Northwest Faculty, students, and staff

How do I find a Reserve?

  • Easily access lists of course reserves in Brightspace

How long can I access a Reserve?

  • Reserve materials can be viewed and accessed for the period designated by the instructor

Advantages of Reserves in Brightspace:

  • Students easily access lists for all their courses in one place 24/7
  • Engage with the resources, comment on readings, make recommendations for your class and the library
  • Build a personal collection of resources to use at other times