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Library Instruction


Request an Instruction Session

PNW’s library liaisons have expertise in specific areas and can work directly with faculty, staff, and students to provide programs, services, and library collections.

Request a Library Instruction Session

Instruction Session Guidelines

  • Please book your sessions as early in the semester as possible. We ask for a one-week advance notice so we can prepare.
  • Faculty are asked to meet with the librarian as soon as possible, bringing a syllabus and an assignment for session preparation.
  • Instructors should plan to be present for the session.
  • One session is good, but multiple sessions can really reinforce information literacy learning.

Virtual Reference Appointments

The library uses screen sharing software that allows you to see a librarian’s computer screen from your computer off-campus to view a personalized demonstration on library resources. Contact your subject specialist to make an appointment via email or by telephone at the numbers below.

  • Hammond: 219-989-2676.
  • Westville: 219-785-5248.

Embedded Librarianship and Contact Information

What’s an Embedded Librarian?

An embedded librarian is a librarian that is integrated into a class for a period of time to support the student's in their research process. 

Why do I need an embedded librarian?

Many students have difficulties and need help, not only accessing resources remotely but knowing what resources and services are available to them. An embedded librarian will provide support for these students in their virtual space. We are here to help.

As a library, we want to use existing technologies and education concepts that will not only create better instruction but be flexible. We want to look at library instruction as an ongoing process, not a one-time activity. We also want to be respectful of classroom time.  We can accomplish this using existing technologies, such as LibGuides, Video Express, and be flexible for whatever the future brings. This may include synchronous sessions online, virtual reference, embedded librarianship, and collecting data wish will help to better understand what our students need.

What can the embedded librarian do for your class?

  • help narrow topics and brainstorm ideas for research
  • identify keywords and search terms for a topic
  • help students find credible sources and peer-reviewed articles
  • provide information about the library's databases, e-books, and services
  • provide information about citations
  • answer questions about the library or research

How to Request an Embedded Librarian

Are tired of getting essays and research projects from your students that are full of unreliable sources? Don't have the time to teach information literacy in your class? Just ask, we are happy to help.

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