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OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program

What is OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing

OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program (RFBP) is a program that allows current full-time faculty members direct physical access to library collections by visiting participating institutions. 


  • Current Full-Time PNW Faculty

Loan Policy

  • Privileges vary from institution to institution 
  • Policy and limitations are set by the library you are visiting.

How to get a card

When traveling to other Universities/Colleges 

Please make sure you have:

  • PNW ID
  • The Reciprocal Borrowing Card
    • The card will expire a year from the date received
  • Government-issued card (License/state ID)

We recommend contacting the library you are interested in visiting to see if there is anything you need to do before visiting. A few of the libraries ask for an application to be filled out before visiting to make sure they are ready for your visit.   Some libraries will issue you a library card for their library.