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Nursing: Evidence-Based Practice: Evidence Appraisal Resources

This guide provided information on evidence-based practice in nursing.

EBP Process

1. Ask a clear clinical question

2. Acquire best available evidence

3. Appraise evidence for quality

4. Apply evidence to practice

5. Assess the outcomes

Clinical Guidelines Resources

Appraisal Resources

This page contains useful tools to appraise the quality of the evidence. View the information below to link to JBI critical appraisal tools and see a breakdown of additional appraisal tools by evidence types.

JBI Critical Appraisal Tools

Quantitative Research

Cohort Studies
CASP: Cohort Studies

Diagnosis Studies
CASP: Diagnostic Test Studies

Randomized Controlled Trials
CASP: Randomised Controlled Trial Appraisal Tool

Systematic Reviews
CASP: Systematic Reviews

Qualitative Research

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