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BBC - 60 Second Shakespeare

Watch/listen to 60 Second Shakespeare films and audios

Global Shakespeares

The Global Shakespeares Video & Performance Archive is a collaborative project providing online access to performances of Shakespeare from many parts of the world as well as essays and metadata provided by scholars and educators in the field.

Shakespeare · An International Database of Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio · British Universities Film & Video Council

This authoritative online database of Shakespeare-related content in film, television, radio and video recordings is international in scope and holds over 6,500 records dating from the 1890s to the present day.

Shakespeare Performance in Asia

Videos of Shakespeare performances in Asia, including interactive maps, timelines, interviews, biographies of actors and directors.

Reviews and Interviews


News, views & reviews on Shakespeare performance in film and on stage.

AHDS Performing Arts

This site provides access to several useful digital resources for Shakespeare scholarship, including Designing Shakespeare, an audio-visual database containing interviews and documents on stage and production design for Shakespearean performances in London and Stratford since 1960; the King Lear Performance Photographs collection; and Royal Shakespeare Company Archives Performance Database (RSCPD) at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Royal Shakespeare Company

Provides information about the Royal Shakespeare Company and its performances, as well as background information about the production process, Shakespeare's life, times, and work, and access to over 3,500 images, including actor portraits, performance stills, and illustrations from the 18th and 19th centuries.

IMDB - Internet Movie Database

Find external reviews using IMDB. First search and find the adaptation you are researching. Right above the title of the adaptation, choose "User Reviews." Then, off to the left-hand side under "Award & Reviews" choose "external reviews" instead of user reviews.