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ENGL 201: The Nature of Literary Study - Westville Campus

Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism

- Moral Criticism, Dramatic Construction (~360 BC-present)

- Formalism, New Criticism, Neo-Aristotelian Criticism (1930s-present)

- Psychoanalytic Criticism, Jungian Criticism(1930s-present)

- Marxist Criticism (1930s-present)

- Reader-Response Criticism (1960s-present)

- Structuralism/Semiotics (1920s-present)

- Post-Structuralism/Deconstruction (1966-present)

- New Historicism/Cultural Studies (1980s-present)

- Post-Colonial Criticism (1990s-present)

- Feminist Criticism (1960s-present)

- Gender/Queer Studies (1970s-present)

- Critical Race Theory (1970s-present)


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