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Nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice: Evidence Based Practice

This guide provides information on library resources for students in the DNP degree program.

EBP Defined

Evidence Based Practice in nursing can be defined as:

The integration of
best research evidence
with clinical expertise
and patient values.

Source: Sackett, D.L., Rosenberg, W.M., Gray, J.A., Haynes, R.B., & Richardson, W.S. (1996). Evidence based medicine: What it is and what it isn’t. BMJ : British Medical Journal, 312(7023), 71–72.

EBP Process

The evidence-based practice process consists of five phases often represented as the “five As.”

The five As of evidence-based practice are:

1. Ask a clear clinical question

2. Acquire best available evidence

3. Appraise evidence for quality

4. Apply evidence to practice

5. Assess the outcomes

Explore this guide to learn more about the library services and resources that can help you meet your evidence-based practice needs.

Evidence-Based Practice

This guide provides information and resources to assist with evidence-based practice research. Review this page for more background information on evidence-based health care practice in nursing.

Evidence-Based Practice Library Guide

Visit the Evidence-Based Practice library guide for more information on:

The Joanna Briggs Institute Model

JBI’s model of Evidence-based practice presents a cyclical process that includes evidence generation, synthesis, transfer, utilization, and context within global health. More information on the JBI Model can be found here.


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