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MGMT 428 AD WORDS - Hammond Campus

List of Business Databases


General discussion of library

The library provides access to resources for research and entertainment. Some examples of these resources include books, journals, movies, databases. 

  1. This is not a random collection of items.  All the items in the library have been selected and evaluated based on the needs of the students and faculty at Purdue University Calumet.
  2. The library is here for you to use!  I love it when students check items out, use the databases, and ask questions.  
  3. The library’s staff is here to support your success at Purdue Calumet!

Library Policies

  1. Please take note of the policies. Librarians are not known for their flexibility.
  2. The reason for all the rules is that we all share the library.
  3. Vendors put restrictions on how we can use their product.
  4. One rule to remember!  When you want check something out bring your Purdue University I.D.