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NUR 27500: Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice: Find Research Articles

Information and resources for Nursing 27500 students.

Welcome Nursing 27500 Students!

This guide will provide information for students enrolled in Nursing 27500 on how to access and use library resources to locate research articles on alternative therapies.  Click on the tabs at the top of the page for information. 

Finding Research Articles

There are some databases which allow you to limit your results to research articles.  Even when limiting your results to research articles, it is important to read the content of the article to make sure it qualifies as an original research article. 

For example, in CINAHL, you can select the "Publication Type" limiter to designate "Research," which will retrieve any type of research article. If you would like a specific type of research article, you can select "Clinical Trial" or "Randomized Controlled Trial."

Search Tip - Terms

Use the CINAHL Headings tab at the top of the search screen for guidance on search terms. 

Type in "Alternative Therapies" for a list of subject terms that can be used in your search for articles.

How to Identify Research Articles

A review of the abstract and text of an article will provide important information of assistance in identifying it as a research study. 

Look for the headings like the following:

  • Objective
  • Methods
  • Design
  • Participants
  • Data Analysis
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion

It is important to be able to distinguish whether the author is reporting on the findings of his or her study (original research). 

If the author of the article is only conducting a literature review of other studies, or the article is a systematic review or meta-analysis, this is not a primary research study.

Secondary Source Examples

A secondary source is a summary or description of a research study written by someone other than the study investigator(s).  You can identify a secondary source by determining whether the author(s) of the article did not investigate (conduct) the research described in the article, and instead, is describing research done by others. This includes systematic reviews, which are valuable research tools, but are not primary studies since they describe the work of other researchers.

Blondell, S. J., Hammersley-Mather, R., & Lennert Veerman, J. (2014). Does physical activity prevent cognitive decline and dementia?: A systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies. BMC Public Health, 14(1), 1036-1061. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-510

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