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NUR 50100: Foundations of Advanced Practice in Nursing: Structured Search Strategy

Specific resources and information for students enrolled in Nursing 50100.

Searching Tips


A comprehensive structured search strategy in CINAHL involves searching the database in a way that may be new to you.  Using the "Search History" function located underneath the search boxes, you can view the quantity of results for individual searches.  Images and detailed instructions are provided in the documents below.  Before combining your search terms, it is important to click on "New Search" at the top of the screen.  For example, you can search for "Premature Infant," then do a second search for "Preterm infant."  Prior to checking the boxes next to these terms to "Search with OR", you must select "New Search" at the top of the screen.


In MEDLINE (Ovid), the number of search results will appear in the Search History grid located in the top area of your screen.  You can enter your search terms individually and then combine them with Boolean operators, just as you did in the CINAHL example above.  In this version of Medline, however, you also have the ability to "map" your search terms to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) within the database.

PICO Search Grid Form

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