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COM 114 Fundamentals Of Speech Communication - Westville Campus

Different Journal Types

Popular Journal

Authors: Reporters, Magazine staff, 

Freelance Writers

Audience: General Public

Purpose: Inform, entertain, cover

special interests

Content: Personalities, news

and general interest articles

Language: Non-technical

Articles: Brief, providing broad


Review Process: No Formal peer


process, reviewed by editors on staff

Bibliography: Articles rarely include



Authors: Practitioners, Educators,

Specialists within the profession

or trade

Audience: Professional in the

fields, Researchers, and


Purpose: Provide information and

news to practitioners in a


Content: New trends, techniques

and organizational news

Language: Technical terminology

of the profession

Articles: Length varies

Review Process: Includes some

peer-review periodicals, most

are reviewed by editors

(often professionals in the field)

Bibliography: Occasionally cite


Scholarly Journal

Authors: Scholars, Researchers,

Experts in the Field

Audience: Researchers, Scholars,


Purpose: Inform, report and share

original research and

experimentation with the rest

of the scholarly world

Content: Research results,

methodology and theory

Language: Terminology and language

of the discipline, reader is assumed

to have similar background

Articles: Lengthy, providing

in-depth analysis

Review Process: Reviewed by

a board of experts in the field

(refereed) or by the

author’s peers (peer reviewed)

Bibliography: References/


are always included. Bibliographies or

endnotes are  in formal style

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