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OLS 163

OLS 163

Questions You Should Answer

What is you company

Why do customers need your product or service?

What is your business concept or business model?

Market Analysis

What are the conditions and overview of your industry?

Who is your target market / customer?

Who is your competition?

Is your competition local or national?

Are there many or few competitors?

What is your Marketing Plan?

Describe your target market.

What is your product strategy?

What is your pricing strategy?

What is your distribution strategy?

How will you advertise or promote your product or service?

What is your sales forecast?

How will your company operate?

Location and facilities

How will you grow your business?

Development strategy

Who is the Management Team?


What risks does your business face?

Risks from competitors

Risks from changes in the marketplace or economy

Changing consumer needs or tastes

What type of financing and how much will you need?

Venture capital


What is your financial plan?

Gross and operating margins

Balance sheets