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Course Reserves with Leganto


Add Sections

Adding New Section(s) to your lists

  1. Click on the  "New section"
  2. Fill out 
    1. Title of section (i.e. Week 1, Required Reading, etc.)
    2. Description (optional)
    3. Add dates this information will be accessible to your students (optional)
  3. Click create

* You can make multiple sections at once and add the items, or you can make a single section and add as you go



Add PNW owned material

1. You can search for library materials in Leganto to add to your reading list sections. 

2. Click the "Add Items"

3. To the right of your sections, select Search.

You can search for items by title, author, or by keyword. 

  • A list of books, articles, book chapters, and other materials that are open to access will populate.

To add an item to your list                                    

  • Choose which section to add it to
  • Click Add

You can also click, hold, and drag it to the section. 


Add material from other sites

Please note: To use this feature you will need the "Cite It" option on your bookmark tab. For instructions on how to add the Cite It, please see below.  

Add citations and links from all sorts of websites.    

(for this example I will use Youtube video)                                   

When you find the material you would like to add

  • Click on the Cite it button on your toolbar
  • Fill out the bottom with what list and section 
  • Click add

Please note:

It will say it was added then let you continue searching on the site.

When you go back to your reading list it will be there.

Adding Cite It

To add the "Cite It' button

  • Click on your initials on the top right of the page
  • Click on the "cite it" link
  • Click on the "cite it" icon and drag it to your bookmark bar