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EDST 2700: Early Childhood Education - Westville Campus

Library Tour directions document

Library Tour text

Library Tour





1. Go to

2. Find the Library link on the top bar and click.

3. If you were to go to the library to study on the weekend on what day and times would you have to do so?


            A. What time is the library open on the 27th of this month?


4. Please sign-up for interlibrary loan.

            A. How might you find inter-library loan useful?




5. After you have signed up, return to the library page.


6. Find the link for libguides and click.


7. Go to the libguide section for Education.


A. Identify a libguide by title and what you find interesting about the information listed on it.






8. Now locate “EDST 2700: Early Childhood Education” within the libguide interface and click “Introduction into the library”

A. Review the PP for reading call numbers. (Note: It’s actually only 19 slides, the others are correct and incorrect slides.)


9. Open a second window and repeat steps 1-2.


10. List three terms that represent your passion for your selected area of focus in Education. 







                        A. In the “Search All” tab, put in the top term from your list or choose the term most representative to your area of focus in Education.

                        (This should take you to a series of records that relate to that term. If you get nothing or not many, try your next term.)



                                    I. Find the limiter that shows, “available in the library” and click on it.



                                    II. Find the limiter that shows, “Westville Campus Library” and click on it.

                                                a. Identify a book you might like and write down the call number and title of the book and section in the library, similar as to the tutorial.



                                    III. Find the book;

                                                a. What kind of information can you gather from briefly looking over the physical copy of the book?



                                    IV. Please share if this book relates to what you wanted to search.





11. Return to the “EDST 2700: Early Childhood Education” libguide and look at the Library of Congress listings, what is the area of interest of the book based on the call number?


            A. Using the Library of Congress, locate the reference section, go to the part contains books from your major.


                        I. Pick a book, write down the call number and title.



                                    a. What kind of information does that book contain?




12. Return to the “EDST 2700: Early Childhood Education” libguide. Under the database tab, please select “Academic Search Premier.”


            A. Within the database, use the same word you used for the book search in a general database search. Please mentally note the similar limiters on the side as well as the new    ones. Click on “peer reviewed” and “full text” in limiters.


                        I. Find an article that seems similar to the book you found, please list the title, source and briefly tell how it applies.






13. In a paragraph, please reflect on this scavenger hunt. (In the paragraph you can talk about what you learned about the physical space, finding books or from finding resources online or how you interacted with the information that allowed you put the whole process together)



If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please contact the library at